Use xDollar (AVAX) Use xDollar (Arbitrum) Use xDollar (Polygon) xDollar Make cross-chain lending easy and efficient. Borrow xUSD against crypto tokens at 0% interest. The First Cross Chain Interest-Free Lending Platform

An interest free lending platform built first on Polygon network for minting decentralized stablecoin against popular token assets. Cross-chain. DAO Governance. Multi-collateral vault system.

our Features
Low collateralization ratio

110% lowest collateralization ratio 

Interest free borrowing rate

0% borrowing interest rate

Redeemable Decentralized Stablecoin

1:1 xUSD pegged to the US Dollar

Cross-chain Liquidity Flow

Moving stablecoin liquidity seamless across chains

DAO Governance

Community driven project

Multi-collateral vault system

More than one token asset collateral

Active Frontend Operators

 Anyone can become the frontend operators for xDollar to provide web access to the users, bridging them to the xDollar platform and receiving XDO incentive in return. You can choose any of frontend operators below to start using the xDollar platform. Just click on ENTER APP to access xDollar software. 

Kickback rate
MCN Ventures
MCN Ventures is an emerging decentralized VC as an incubator of early stage multi-chains blockchain startup. MCN is backed with tokenomics bootstrapping community and fund growth.

100 million (100,000,000) XDO tokens in total

Initial Startup - 1%
Foundation - 6%
Treasury - 8%
Incubator - 8%
Team - 15%
Ecosystem - 15%
Community - 47%

Slide 2021 Q3 - Phase 2 Cross-chain xDollar assets between launched side chains and L2 protocols First Launch Multiple Chains Launch Cross Chain Flow Start Point 2021 Q2 - Phase 1a Product Launch of xDollar in Polygon Network. DAO Governance 2021 Q3 - Phase 1b Next launches on other EVM compatible side chains and L2 protocols Multi-collateral Vault 2021 Q4 - Phase 3 Transfer decision-making power to XDO community. 2022 Q1 - Phase 4 Launch xDollar v2 with a multi-collateral vault system Future

This software is an alpha release and audited. You can lose all of your funds due to hacks, vulnerabilities, and economic attacks. Never use funds within the xDollar platform that you cannot afford to lose. You won’t be compensated for any losses. All interactions with the associated smart contracts on blockchain networks and software on are at your own risk.

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